The Hair Fairy

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The inderella Prom Foundation               

Hello my name is Shemil Maxwell and I am an aspiring hair stylist. I've been doing hair since the young age of 12. This year I've decided to give back to the less fortunante. I will be making custom wigs for teenage girls who suffer from Cancer or any other disease that has caused them hair loss. With Prom season approaching quickly I would like to help bring out the inner beauty in these young ladies. As a hair stylist I love to enhance my clients appearance, it makes an individual feel good about themselves and boost their confidence. As strong as these young woman are they deserve to feel like a princesses.


If you or anyone you may know suffers from health issues that have caused them hair loss and they plan on attending prom, please have them contact me via e-mail at [email protected] to recieve their custom wig. Have a Blessed day.



With Love,